The promoters of this hotel consolidation business come with more than a 100 years of collective experience in the travel industry. We are set to drive the establishment and growth of the business by capturing an impressive marketshare and collaborating with some of the best brands known for their online repute and reach. We identify the opportunity in the market, developing the business concept, and secure the necessary resources to promote and operate this hotel consolidation platform.

Vision and Concept Development:
We believe we play a crucial role in formulating the vision and concept of the hotel consolidation business by assessing the market demand, identifying the gaps or challenges in the hotel booking industry, and develop a strategic plan to address those needs through consolidation.

Business Planning and Strategy:
As promoters, we are responsible for creating a comprehensive business plan that outlines the objectives, target market, competitive landscape, marketing strategy, financial projections, and growth plans for tour partner hotels. We develop strategies to differentiate the business and establish a competitive advantage in the market.

Supplier Acquisition and Negotiation:
We help in identifying and establishing relationships with hotel suppliers, including major hotel chains, independent hotels, and other accommodation providers. We help negotiate favourable terms and contracts with suppliers to secure a wide range of hotel inventory at competitive rates.

Technology and Infrastructure:
We oversee the development and implementation of the necessary technology infrastructure for hotel consolidation. This includes building and/or acquiring a hotel reservation system, integrating with suppliers’ systems, and ensuring a seamless and user-friendly booking experience for customers.

Marketing and Promotion:
We help in developing and executing marketing strategies to create awareness about the hotel consolidation business and attract customers – travel agencies, tour operators, and individual travellers. We may employ various marketing channels such as digital advertising, partnerships, and direct sales efforts at reasonable cost.

Operations and Management:
In the early stages, we actively participate in the day-to-day operations of the hotel consolidation, including managing the booking system, customer support, and supplier relationships. As the business grows, we help in hiring a team and oversee the overall management and strategic direction of the company.

Growth and Expansion:
We continually assess market trends and opportunities to drive the growth and expansion of the hotel consolidation business. We keep exploring new markets, forge partnerships with other travel businesses, and introduce innovative services to stay ahead in this competitive industry.

We believe we are instrumental in establishing and driving the success of our partners through our concerted, methodical approach. Our vision, strategic planning, and ability to secure resources and partnerships are essential in building a strong and sustainable venture in this industry that has taken over the traditional way of booking hotel stays.